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Profile on Niue

Fakaalofa lahi atu.
Welcome and Greetings to you.

The beauty of Niue is centred on its people and the language, the music, its culture, food, opportunity for exploration, relaxation and its breathtaking views across the ocean.

The people of Niue are as colourful as the fish life that lives within the coral reef surrounding the Island. The language is spoken by too few but those that do, carry the history of its people as great travellers who migrated across the vast ocean of the Pacific and settled for a lifestyle that is unique as it is challenging. The people of this land have always worked hard with a culture that is proud of its heritage. Their strength comes from a sense of "one people" for the future survival of generations to come. Many challenges have been successfully overcome by this determination to work together.

The language is expressed by friendly and good natured conversations or greetings to all strangers, friends and family that happen to walk by. Niueans encourage everyone to have a say at gatherings or events and this can lead to many humorous stories that provide much entertainment and laughter for those that are willing to participate.

Music and sense of culture is expressed in many traditional songs and chants which have evolved over time as the world has changed. Niueans are excellent at adapting these songs and chants to suit current events. Culture is embedded in many Pacific nations and Niueans have expressed this through artwork and weaving through to dancing and singing.

It is no secret that Niueans love their food. With the many natural resources on offer, it's no wonder. From the fresh flavours of umu cooked wahoo or raw fish, coconut crab (uga) and takihi (baked taro, coconut juice and paw paw) you will wonder why you had not tasted such delicacies before.

Niue is the largest coral Island in the world and offers many opportunities to explore something very different within a day or even a couple of hour's excursion. Its underwater scenery is a magical world of caves and crevices that hold fish and plant life that make you want to explore more. The Huvalu forest is so quiet you can hear your own heart beat until you approach the coastline where the waves crashing on the coral reef reminds you that this is an island in the middle of the Pacific.

The cool waters of Matapa Chasm is well worth the visit for a swim or just a look to relax and think about how the near vertical rock faces were formed years before the Polynesians ever thought about living on such a secluded Island.